About Me

a528814749_389745_3621 My greatest accomplishments are my two sons, my   three dogs and my assorted extended family of foster pups, my wonderful human family and friends.  I am lucky to have had a successful career as an award-winning TV writer/producer/director for over 20 years.  I am now following my bliss after being laid up with a back injury and then being  laid-off from my corporate job.  With my newly found free time, I am dedicating myself to writing with reckless abandon.  Other passions are  half-full glass of sultry red wine, a good book, a beautiful garden and writing with a chunky fountain pen on really smooth paper.  Have you had a chance to follow your bliss? What are you waiting for? Let’s help each other find our way!


11 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  2. This is my new fave blog… not just written birthed from the heart.

  3. This blog’s where its happening. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dear Marla

    I loved the story of you and your boy.

    By the way you do not do yourself justice.

    You shine!!!

    You are eloquent and outgoing…a human’s human.

    Not only a dog’s best friend.

    In friendship and caring


  5. You Go Girl! Awesome, brilliant and enlightening! Launching my peice of the blogosphere was a complete second thought! And now to find out that this could be MY new career? How wierd is that? You’ve got the perfect niche for what this is as I hope I do. What’s even scarier is we started within days of each other; this is truly the next biggest craze. Luck to us both! You know who I am because of the URL and my email which, I trust, is blind on your site; I am trying (for now) to keep anonymous as I think it adds to the mystery of not knowing a thing except the written…screen. Love, Me!

  6. Best of luck. I am searching for my “bliss” at the moment. Here’s hoping I find it real soon.


  7. Loved the piece on Empty Nester about the boys!

  8. 10 years is along time…. Sounds like you are doing well, and regardless of the circumstance I always new you would.

  9. I really like your use of “reckless abandon” in connection with writing.

    Thanks for sharing this phase of your adventure!

    Keep creating….it’s more fun that way,

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